Gounassi $40m divorce case on today as his Immigration boys get fired

Gounassi $40m divorce case on today as his Immigration boys get fired


The Ndola High Court will today (Tuesday) hear the case in which Rosemary Mwasakandu, the former wife of Kitwe based Senegalese businessman Abdoulaye Ndiaye commonly known as “Gounassi” is claiming $40 million divorce settlement.

Meanwhile, one of the Immigration officers Gounassi has been bribing and paying to detain his wife has been fired.  Douglas Ntambu was dismissed from the Immigration after his dealings with Gounassi were exposed by the Watchdog. Immigration sources say other officers are still being investigated and more heads will roll

Gounassi, a Senegalese and Mwansakandu, a Zambian, divorced in Canada and the Canadian High Court ordered Gounassi to pay Rosemary Mwansakandu $40 million in divorce settlement.

Gounassi has been fighting the Canadian High court order and even sold and changed ownership names of his properties. When his wife followed him to Zambia to enforce the judgement in the Zambian courts, Gounassi paid the Zambian immigration to arrest his wife under the pretext that she has two passports.

That plot failed after a Lusaka High Court intervened and gave Rosemary Mwasakandu bail which she was denied by a magistrate also paid by Gounassi.

After being given bail, Mwansakandu’s lawyers have pushed for her divorce case to be heard today.

For her Canadian judgement to be enforced in Zambia, it needs to be recognised by Zambian courts by way of registering it.

But Gounassi is still fighting hard. According to papers he submitted in the Ndola High to oppose the registration of the Canadian order, he claims that he has no money.

He claims that he bought Grizzly mine for only $750, 000 and that even that little amount of money was borrowed.

He said he borrowed the money from his Jewish friends.

Grizzly mine, found here,  is reputed to be one of the biggest emerald mines in Africa.

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