Gounassi divorce case adjourned to next year as he gets Zambian Citizenship

The case in which the former wife of Kitwe based Senegalese businessman Abdoulaye Ndiaye commonly known as “Gounassi”  is trying to register her divorce order in Zambia has been adjourned to February next year.

And Gounassi was last week granted Zambian Citizenship by the Zambian government.

Meanwhile, Gounassi has now turned his vengeance on Ibrahim Dia, the president of the Senegalese association of Zambia for trying to help his estranged wife.

Gounassi, a Senegalese and Mwansakandu, a Zambian, divorced in Canada and the Canadian High Court ordered Gounassi to pay Rosemary Mwansakandu $40 million in divorce settlement.

When Rosemary came to Zambia to register and enforce the judgment, Gounnassi bribed the Zambian immigration to arrest her on charges of holding more than one passport.

Mwansakandu is on court bail.

Her case was heard in chambers (members of public not allowed) on Wednesday.  The High Court Judge decided to adjourn the case to February 26th, 2013. The judge said he is going on vacation because he has not done so in the past 10 years.

This adjournment will give Gounassi a chance to fight the battle out of the court and most likely manage to bribe the system and get his wife out of the country.

Even though Douglas Ntambu, the Immigration officer Gounassi was used to detain his wife is in custody, Gounassi is cultivating and courting other people to use. This time he is targeting big politicians. Douglas Ntambu was paid up to K600 million and bought a House in River side. He is currently in police custody.

But Gounassi has gone after the Senegalese colleagues. He is now working with officers of the OP on the Copperbelt to fabricate cases against the president of the Senegalese community in Zambia.

Ibrahim Dia will be accused of evading tax through his company Orussegui investments limited among other issues. Gounassi is also accusing Dia of sleeping with his ex-wife. Mwasakandu is staying at Dia’s House for protection.

Gounassi wants Dia deported at all costs.

Gounassi is also staking $50, 000 to know how all the intricate details about his dealing and are getting to the Watchdog.

At the Ndola High Court, Gounassi is working with and or using through the Ndola a Congolese court clerk and interpreter called Amadou Sow aka John Mulenga Cassidy.

This is the man who monitors the Judge on behalf of Gaounassi.

So far, Gounassi is boasting that he has already won the case and the wife will go to him on her knees.

With the Zambian Citizenship he was granted last week, Abdoulaye Ndiaye known as “Gounassi” is now saying he is untouchable and the undisputed King of Kitwe.

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