Gounassi’s victim found innocent but about to be deported under fresh charges

Ibrahim Dia, the president of the association of Senegalese in Zambia was Thursday morning cleared of immigration related charges he was facing at the instigation of Kitwe based criminal Abdoulaye Ndiaye commonly known as “Gounassi” .

But, even though before magistrate Joshua Banda found Dia with no case to answer and set him free, Dia has been remanded and is about to be deported.

Just after the magistrate declared that Dia is innocent, Gounassi instructed the immigration under his pocket to slap Dia with another and fresh charge of being a prohibited immigrant.

He was arrested again before leaving the court premises. A deportation order was obtained immediately. Sources close to the courts said Douglas, Gounaasi’s agent at immigration  and his group had the deportation order signed before judgement.

The ticket for his deportation was bought and paid for by Gounassi a few days ago.

Dia’s lawyers were by 15 hours local time trying frantically to get a judicial review and stay of persecution but court officials disappeared in thin air.

Dia is the man who has been helping Gounassi wife in the case where she is demanding her divorce settlement.

She was also arrested and survived a deportation after her case was blown to to the public.

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