Governement to cripple Muvitv by poaching all journalists

The PF government is working on a scheme to cripple the biggest private  TV station Muvi.

Informed sources have revealed that most of the senior journalist will be given jobs at the government ding dong ZNBC.

Others will be given jobs in other government departments within the country since most missions abroad are not filled with cadres.

ZNBC is currently running adverts to recruit journalists but insiders say that is just a way to hoodwink the public as the idea is to get all the reporters from Muvi TV.

Sources say the PF regime is not happy that Muvi TV at times broadcasts news featuring opposition leaders and people opposed to the PF so a way to demobilise the station has to be implemented urgently.

The project is led by president Sata’s mouth-piece George Chella.

Sources say the government will do to Muvitv what it did to the Post newspaper where almost the enetire news room was recruited by the government.

Among  former Post journalists who have been given jobs by the PF are former Managing editor Amos Malupenga (Permanent Secretary), former in-house lawyer Sam Mujuda (Namibian High Commission), former news editor Chansa Kabwera (Malawian High Commission), former reporter George Chella (State House), former photographer Thomas Nsama (State House), former reporter Chibaula Silwamba (UK high commission) and many others.



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