Government blocks Watchdog from inside Zambia, but we are up and happy

Government blocks Watchdog from inside Zambia, but we are up and happy


Chungu being led to prison a few years ago

Starting at 22 hours local time on Monday 24th June 2013, the Zambian government of ailing dictator Michael Sata blocked accessing this news website from inside Zambia.

It is not yet clear if the internet Service Providers are colluding with the government to block access or the government is illegally accessing the physical infrastructure  of Internet service providers.

While the same domain is accessible outside Zambian and partially in Zambia through a few Internet service providers like MTN, we have moved the site to a secure domain https. If you are in Zambia, you can now access the Zambian Watchdog at

If you are outside Zambia or inside Zambia and able to access the site, advise others to access it at

The blocking of the site from inside Zambian is led by Xavier Chungu, the former Zambia Intelligence Chief who was jailed for plunder of national resources under Levy Mwanawasa. Ailing dictator Michael Sata has created a parallel intelligence wing led by Chungu to rig elections, supress press freedom and coordinate the harassment of people with opposing views to the regime.

The government operatives managed to block access to the Watchdog the whole of Tuesday on most Internet and Mobile Service providers especially ZAMTEL, Airtel (Zain), UUNET and Microlink.

Only MTN warded off the attack and readers were and are still able to access the Watchdog in the usual way.

What we have not yet established is whether the service providers such as Airtel are colluding with the government to block the most visited and popular website in Zambia.

According to data from our hosting organisation, the Zambian government is using “Deep Packet Inspection” dedicated hardware to look into connections towards the
Once the browser requests any webpage, a RST packet is generated toward Watchdog hosting servers to take down the connection. This behaviour has been observed as coming from AS37146 realtime-as, AS37214 MICROLINK, AS28698 UUNET Africa, Lusaka Zambia, AS37287 ZAIN-ZAMBIA and AS37154 ZAMTEL

The blocking is talking place in the infrastructure towards Namibia and Tanzania in the peering with BBIL, Telecom Namibia and Zain Tanzania.

The filtering is talking place in the HTTP requests, they are looking for a special string in the requests to block them.

But, it is possible that the service providers are not colluding with the regime of ailing dictator Michael Sata but the regime is covertly accessing their servers.




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