Government clinic giving patients expired ARVs

Government clinic giving patients expired ARVs

By Prisca Lumingu-Banda

Chowa Clinic in Central Province is allegedly dispensing expired antiretroviral-ARV drugs to patients.

Some patients are being given expired Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate Lamivudine Efavirenz (AVONZA) Tablets which expired in October 2020.

According to information gathered by Millennium radio, as at January 2021 patients were still receiving the AVONZA tablets bearing serial numbers which expired last year.

And a patient whose names have been withheld who receives medication at Chowa Health Centre disclosed that the expired drugs were dispensed on 22nd January 2021.

The patients complained that they have been experiencing prolonged diarrhoea as a result of taking expired ARV drugs.

The patients charged that despite the drugs being expired, they are supposed to take them for six months.

Meanwhile an effort to get a comment from the Ministry of health failed by broadcast time as no one was available to give a comment on the matter.

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    What vdo you expect from an expired party in power?

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    zambian 6 days ago

    So all this expired drugs are nothing to do with Honeybee.
    Atleast slowly the narrative is coming clear.

    It is failure to destroy expired drugs but atleast those drugs have been kept away from the public upto now where the new Minister of Healtg is dispensing them to the public

    And for Honeybee there are no expired drugs. Just a few batches of drugs requirering a recall just like many other drugs from other companies.

    Atleast that is a relief.

    Seems like Chitalu Chilufya was too busy outside looking at people’s problems while the people inside were busy dozing and did not do their work of disposing off the drugs.

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    PF genocide from gassing now drugs

  • comment-avatar
    Pragmatic 6 days ago

    Expired drugs and side effects story is not true. You cant have diarrhoea if u have not been having it.

  • comment-avatar
    Buck Teeth Lungu 7 days ago

    A govt of thieves for thieves is willing to kill innocent people. PF have to go! Enough is enough!