Government finally admits AIDS drugs shortage

Government says it has only received about 108,000 bottles and still expects some more of  the Anti-retroviral (ARV) drug Nevirapine which has been in short supply the past one month.

After a Zambian watchdog exposure of the drug shortage, ministry of health (M.O.H) officials refuted the claim saying there were enough drugs but the rationing was due to the rehabilitation works at the Medical stores.

But today national Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) coordinator Dr. Albert Mwango told ZNBC that the drug had been in short supply. Dr. Mwango however said that 108,000 bottles have arrived in the country and delivered to medical stores for onward distribution to public health centres. He also said about 200,000 more bottles are expected in the country soon, but did not specify exactly when.

A Watchdog investigation revealed the acute shortage of the drug forcing centres that had little to begin rationing the supply to patients, a move that was not only costly to the AIDS patients on ART but also detrimental to their health.

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