Government corrupts private media with vernacular teaching propaganda

Sensing that the infamous decision by ailing dictator Michael Sata’s government to impose using of vernacular languages as medium of instructions in schools, government has now desperately and secretly organized a costly workshop for private and community radio stations in a small town of Kabwe.

The meeting being held at Tuskers hotel where over 50 news managers and radio presenters are hosted is aimed at brainwashing them to go out and propagate the government’s ill decision which in turn aims at promoting usage of one language above all other languages.

Currently many chiefs, parents and teachers have spoken against the move but as radio editors get brain washed, they are likely to pollute their listeners. Teachers have cited inadequate books in local languages and lack of capacity among themselves.

Government has cut campaign discs which shall be given to the scribes at the end of the two day workshop which opened on Monday, 14th April. The scribes are also being paid some attendance fees in addition to feting and accommodation at the hotel.

A source from the ministry of education Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) has told the Zambian Watchdog that the propaganda exercise is likely to cost more than K200,000. The source described the exercise as a wasteful exercise while teachers are suffering and some pupils learning under trees in some schools.

“This is a wasteful exercise, as you are aware some teachers don’t have accommodation, pupils in some schools learn under trees as there is no infrastructure in these schools and also the teachers get poor salaries but government has all this money to waste,” said the source.

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