Government decides to stop paying intern doctors

Government decides to stop paying intern doctors

The PF government has decided to stop paying intern doctors  starting this year.

The practice is and has always been that once medical students from the University of Zambia move to Ridgeway campus, they start working in public hospitals as junior/intern doctors and are paid allowances.

But the PF government has now decided to stop paying the junior doctors. Instead, the government will now be charging the doctors to work as interns. The decision is with immediate effect.  ‘The decisions to scrap off the salaries is starting with the students graduating this year,’ said a source.

The reason given by the PF is that the government has no money to pay these critical professionals and that, that is the practice in other countries.

One doctor complained that ‘what is really unreasonable is that this government can claim to not have money to pay junior Doctors who even these senior doctors know that do the bulk of the work in these local hospitals while the seniors work in private hospitals.’Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 10.31.34

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