Government fails to buy fuel for Kabwe district medical office

Kabwe district medical office is hit by fuel shortage because government has failed to pay a named filling station which has consequently cut the credit facility and the situation has made clinics fail to respond to emergency cases.

Sources close to the DMO’s office have told the Watchdog that the action has crippled the operations of the district ambulance which is used to ferry people from clinics to Kabwe general hospital. The source further said that a woman almost died last night at Ngungu health centre when she developed complications but there was no ambulance to evacuate her until after a well wisher offered a lift.

And reacting to the Ngugngu woman case, UPND central province youth chairman Milner Mwanakampwe castigated the PF government for neglecting the health sector. Mwanakampwe said the health sector must be improved so that it benefits all citizens and not only remain a preserve for the few with money who are flown out of the country for headaches or accidents from excessive beer drinking.

“The health sector must be developed, and us as UPND we shall endeavour to improve this sector when we form government in 2016 or even earlier because health is not only a preserve of the few who are flown out for headaches or indeed road accidents due to excessive beer drinking,” charged Mwanakampwe.

The vibrant youth leader said his party was extremely disappointed that President Sata and the entire PF can neglect the health sector and urged Zambians to use their vote to chase PF. He said PF’s indiscriminate dismissal of nurses and failure to develop hospitals was testimony that it was an uncaring government.

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