Able to pay 80 ministers, fund bye-elections but govt fails to finish Mansa clinic

The PF government has failed to complete the construction of the eye clinic ward at Mansa General Hospital and has appealed to the business community to assists in completing the project whose works had stalled since 1975.

Yet the the PF regime is employing more ministers who are each paid hefty salaries, entilted to two luxury vehicles each, fuel and entertainment allowances.

Luapula provincial minister Brigadier General Kapaya made the appeal at Mansa General Hospital during a meeting with Mansa Lions Club members and some business people at the hospital grounds.

He said Luapula province was leading in eye problem cases, noting that there was no ward for eye patients as the small space available was overcrowded. This is inspite of the costly bye elections that ailing dictator Michael Sata has embarked on in his appetite to increase the number of parliamentary seats for the PF. The Catholic church and other key stakeholders have condemned the bye elections and have called on voters to reject the MPs who accept offers from the PF.

Gen Kapaya said the business community in Mansa could make a difference in completing the two structures at the hospital which will require cement, building sand, roofing sheets, door frames, window frames, floor tiles among other items.

He said government cannot do everything alone but from the 56 identified business people in Mansa and other towns in the province, the task could be accomplished in a short time because every person was a potential eye clinic client at some point.

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