Government giving NRCs to kids, increasing their ages

Government giving NRCs to kids, increasing their ages

esterday, police made a raid on UPND secretariat ostensibly looking for fake NRCs. But here is what the PF government is actually doing, giving NRCs to kids and increasing their ages on NRCs all for the sake of rigging elections Its not just the security of the country PF is putting at risk by giving citizenship to foreigners, they are destroying the future of these kids can you imagine government adding 8 years to this 9 year old child! How is she going to sort out this problem in future when she will really need this NRC? By the time she is 20 years old, her NRC will be showing that she is 28.

Why is government doing this to our children? Is winning elections really so important that these children are nothing but collateral damage?

What were the police doing at the UPND secretariat when the crimes are being committed in the villages and compounds? Were they there to fight crime or to destroy the evidence which the opposition party might have collected? We know that even in this evidential video, the police will not follow the criminals who are criminally issuing these NRCs to kids but will instead harass and arrest these gentlemen who are showing the evidence.

Home Affairs minister Steven Kapyongo should be made aware that these criminal activities will certainly land him in prison for a very long time when the time comes. He must remember that as minister in charge of NRCs, he is directly responsible for these crimes. Do not be deceived by the position you currently hold. Those sand policemen guarding you will guard you while in cells. Its just a matter of time.
We are only saying.

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