Government has no money for farmers

Government has no money for farmers

By Temani Davy Kapwata

Government says there is no money to pay Famers who sold maize to FRA,Transporters ,Agro dealers and shed owners,

Asked this morning on when Agro dealers will be paid, the Minister of agriculture Michael Katambo (in photos) said There is no funding and that they will be paid when Government receives Funding,

Two weeks Agriculture Minister Katambo went on the media to announce that farmers and agro dealers will be paid next week meaning last week but up to now nothing has been coming forth,

This was confirmed by Vice president Inonge Wina who Told parliament that farmers and Agro dealers will be paid within the course of the week meaning last week.

Some agro dealers have not been paid even the 2017/2018 farming season inputs they gave out to farmers,

Meanwhile some agro dealers have vowed not to take part in the 2019/2020 farmimg season because they have been pushed into abject poverty as if they didn’t work

Some farmers talked to have complained that Government has started selling the same maize they got from Farmers, and that it was like they are buying their own maize.

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    Kufahakurambwe 2 weeks ago

    I am trying to understand why that grown man is kneeling?

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    Ahmedlubinga 2 weeks ago

    Pf ministers have no morality, they lie with pride and wallow in abject confusion! This govt has clearly shown the Zambian people that they have great appetite for indiscriminate destruction! We must save our land for us to be spared by these wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are deceitful with fake humility, they are dangerously swift with divisive tongues, their leadership is toxic and anchored on immense tribalism and corruption, their core business to  lie,steal, destroy and perpetrate poverty for their perpetual hold onto power! Thse are no ordinary human beings with water and blood, but devils in human form with hearts of stone! Their conscious is long dead and moral fibre completely eroded, they  are sworn urgents of destruction and honest messengers of absolute hypocrisy! Their description is multifaceted, yet, their objective is one! ” make money while the sun shines” by hook or by crook!

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    Mario 2 weeks ago

    Not only is government selling the same maize they have failed to pay for at a 100%mark up,some PF cadres have been named taking advantage by accessing this maize which they then sale at a profit, Kaamba was named in one such scandal and as expected, he never even paid for the maize…