Government in dilemma over Zamtel and may fail to reverse sale

Government in dilemma over Zamtel and may fail to reverse sale

The Zambian government seems to be in a dilemma over Zamtel.

It seems the threat by the LAPGreen network to fight ‘to the bitter end’ to protect its ownership of Zamtel has put the Zambia government in a tight corner.

Information reaching the Watchdog indicates that the government has actually given up on reversing the sale.

There is also unsubstantiated information that the new government in Libya has backed LAPGreen and the matter is now between the two new governments.

Last week, the Post newspaper published lies that the government has repossessed Zamtel from LAPgreen.

It has since been proved that that there is no such cabinet decision. Government sources say the idea to reverse the sale of Zamtel is only being pushed by Fred M’membe, the owner of the Post newspaper.

Sebastian Zulu, the minister of Justice but the man who also chaired the Commission of Inquiry which found that the sale of Zamtel was fraudulent, was quoted by the government controlled Daily Mail Newspaper saying:

“The best way is to negotiate with them. If there is no settlement, eventually there will be a court process and we are ready for it,”

Zulu also also hinted that the Libyan company could, as an alternative, be asked to pay a “little more” for the 75 percent stake in Zamtel, saying: “It (LAPGreen) could be owing the country for using Zesco’s fibre optic network which it did not pay for.”

Government sources told the Watchdog that the ‘hint’ as given by Zulu is what government is working on.

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