Government increased electricity cost by 200%

Government increased electricity cost by 200%


ZESCO says it has imposed a 200% hike on electricity tarrifs to take effect on October 1st.

In simple terms ,a prepaid power token that costs K100 will now cost K300.

ZESCO will effect a 200 percent electricity tariff hike commencing on October 1st 2019 following the planned importation of power from Eskom of South Africa.

ZESCO Director Strategy and Corporate Services PATRICK MWILA however says the tariff hike will vary for individual costs depending on spending brackets.

He says the importation will mean available power in the country will increase by 300 mega watts.

And ZESCO Acting Managing Director WEBSTER MUSONDA says the hike will only be for six months of the power importation aimed at mitigating load shedding following a decline in generation necessitated by low water levels.

Mr. MUSONDA says the imported power with cost 22million dollars monthly which will be passed on to consumers.

Addressing the media in Lusaka today Mr. MUSONDA said Zambia’s power deficit has risen to 690 mega watts from 425mega watts in August and about 265 in June.

He said the current total power generated by both ZESCO and Independent Power Producers is around 1-thousand 5-hundred mega watts against a demand of 1-thousand 9-hundred mega watts during off peak and over 2-thousand 5-hundred mega watts during peak periods.

Mr. MUSONDA said the current water levels are the worst in almost 25 years, standing at 19.3 percent in the Kariba dam when it was at 79.3percent this time last year.

He said there is need for ZESCO to seriously manage Its generation capacity so that its able to generate power for the first two months of 2020 in case the rainfall pattern will be bad.

Mr. MUSONDA has also allayed allegations by some people claiming that the newly installed turbines use up more water saying they are actually more efficient.

He revealed that Lunsemfwa Hydro of Central Province which was feeding about 50 mega watts into ZESCO has completely shut down operations because of lack of water.

He has however stated that new investments are expected to bring on board more power by early next year whole some long term investments are being made by ZESCO and private investments worth millions of dollars which will make power supply more stable going forward.

And ZESCO Director Commercial and Customer Services CHITI MATAKA said the utility company is not using the power importation to sneak in increased tariffs.

He said the company will only increase for six months to have liquidity to fund the importation.

Credit : Brian Mwale


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