Government media propaganda is helping me, says Sata

No amount of negative publicity the MMD government and their proxy are carrying on public and government controlled media against the Patriotic Front and its leadership will not stop the demand for the change of leadership, says Michael Sata.

And Sata says UPND president Hakainde Hichilema wants old people to retire because he stole money from privatisation.
And Sata says President Rupiah Banda is a mobile head of state, who has little interest in issues of governance and providing for the people of Zambia.
Addressing a huge public rally Saturday afternoon Kabwe’s Komeki grounds, Sata said negative publicity of the PF and its leadership on government controlled media institutions has benefited him a lot to campaign in areas where people did not know him.
“No amount of negative publicity by the MMD controlled media houses will ever stop the current mood about people demanding for change of government and leadership, in fact ZNBC, The Daily Mail and Times of Zambia have made my campaigns easier than I expected,” Sata told a huge crowd attending his campaign rally.
Sata said it is sickening to find young people wallowing in abject poverty as a result of the carelessness of President Banda’s leadership.
He said the calls for change of government are not as a result of Sata and the PF but the failure by President Banda to govern and provide necessities to the people such as employment to enable the people have money in their pocket and improved health facilities.
Sata urged the people of Zambia to be upset with the MMD leadership for failing to anchor leadership on Christian pillars.
“Dora Siliya and Ronnie Shikapwasha are busy distributing pornographic pictures showing two young boys kissing and they are saying that Sata will allow such, don’t listen to them, they are in the state of panic and shock, they cannot believe that you the people of Kabwe want change of government the way you did it in 1991,” said Sata as people kept on saying Donchi Kubeba and lifting up PF symbol.
Sata said the poverty in Kabwe is as a result of lack of planning by an irresponsible leadership and government, adding that Kabwe has a lot of natural resources such as Zinc, Lead and Manganese which if managed well can help create employment in the city.
“We have mines where minerals such as lead, Zinc and manganese can be extracted but because of lack of leadership that is why we see that Kabwe town is a dead elephant, vote for PF for prosperity and good governance,” said Sata.
And Sata accused President Banda of being a mobile head of State who has no time to respond to the problems of the people of Zambia face.
“He introduced mobile hospitals because he is a mobile president and he wants to have mobile clinic which will not last,” said Sata.
He also promised the people of Kabwe that his government will only need 90days to move the changes the people have been talking about.
Earlier business came to a stand still when people besieged vehicles carrying Sata and senior party officials in his entourage.
“We want change, we want change, and we want change Umukote wesu.”

And Sata denounced UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his campaign style of saying old people must rest and leave politics to young and credible people.
“I have heard a lot from someone saying that old people must go and rest, he want us to rest because he has made enough money for himself from the privatization of companies, we put him there but he kept all the moneys from the sell of Hotel Intercontinental to himself,” said Sata in apparent reference to Hichilema.


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