Government now wants to regulate churches

The PF regime is scheming to begin regulating churches in the country in order to deregister churches they think are accommodating opposition views and other citizens advocating for good governance.

Of late the police have refused to grant permits to people demanding the release of the final draft constitution thereby leaving the advocates with no option but to assemble in churches.

In order to totally cripple the freedoms of people, government is now scheming to enact a law which shall draft a code of conduct for the churches. One of the contentious issues to be included in the evil code of conduct is to bar churches from accommodating political advocates.

Sources from the home affairs and justice ministries have told the Watchdog that once the regulation gets into effect, churches that will be seen to breach the code will be instantly deregistered and possible prosecution of the leaders.

Government has already begun to regulate the nongovernmental organizations through the controversial NGO Act which has been opposed by many NGOs, media houses are also being regulated under the politically aligned Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA).

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