Government pays K53m for make shift tollgate

Government pays K53m for make shift tollgate

Another reap off
…Govt pays K53 million for makeshift ‘tollgate’ structures

Government has again dubiously overpaid the contractor who built the recently commissioned Michael Chilufya Sata Toll Plaza, in questionable circumstances where the treasury is to bleed USD4.3 million (K53) million.
Sources at the National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) told the Zambian Watchdog over the weekend that the total cost for the construction of the structures were over priced by more than K40 million.
“The true value of those structures is about K10 million Kwacha. When you look at those buildings they are really makeshift to cost the government treasury USD4.3 million. Who is benefiting from the K40 million?” wondered the source.
According to the source Housing and Infrastructure Minister Ronald Chitotela singlehandedly imposed the Inzovu, the Contractor on the NRFA agency.
“We had other bidders that had reasonable prices but we were directed to to deal with this very contractor and clearly the Zambian people are losing millions in this transaction again,” said the NRFA informant.
President Edgar Lungu on Saturday commissioned the USD4.3 million toll plaza in Ndola. The president also commissioned the first ever electronic tolling card which would enable users pay electronically.
During the commission President Lungu said the tolling program would continue to be a beacon of hope and model for sustainable financing of road infrastructure projects in the country.

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  • comment-avatar
    Pwele 1 week ago

    More than K45 million has been stolen! Zambians are indeed docile

  • comment-avatar
    Mumbeti 1 week ago

    FuManchu, you are 100% right! If I were to name the Toll Plaza, I was to honour Madam Chibesa Kankasa since died during the same period and buried on the same Saturday that the Toll Plaza was commissioned! 

  • comment-avatar
    FuManchu 1 week ago

    Glorifying Levy and Michael as if Zambia evolved with them only when there are many more who may have contributed much more in the making of Zambia paving the way for the Mwanawasa and Sata who were not even among the early freedom fighters to ascend to plot one! Very right @ BaLazo this excessive Levy and Michael mania borders on cultism of mediocre magnitude!

  • comment-avatar

    53million Zambian are blind

  • comment-avatar
    BaLazo 1 week ago

    Is the toll gate fitted with diamonds, can these structures be named using the location they belong. Stop playing with people’s minds we have enough structures named after Data and Levy.

  • comment-avatar
    Njalayeka 1 week ago

    Kambwili has nothing to do with these riots but PF are shallow thinkers likely to implicate the law maker. But this is just peoples anger over many un responded to issues.  Look at skeletons you are carrying in your own closet PF before accusing innocent outsiders. It can’t also surprise Zambia if HH and GBM are accused to be behind these riots. People want answers to their stolen wealth and the unthinkable third term bid

  • comment-avatar
    Musumali Liyunga 1 week ago

    When money is being spent by thieves or those who do not earn it properly and decently, it will be misused.

  • comment-avatar
    SATA 1 week ago


  • comment-avatar
    Mainza 1 week ago

    The toll plaza is a beacon of hopelessness and model for unsustainable enduring corruption, uncontrollable greed and gross leadership failure.