Government, PF registration cards scam exposed

The ongoing national registration cards issuance is marred with irregularities where PF is using government facilities to ferry people from other towns to come and register mostly in opposition strongholds and obtain voters cards so that they vote twice in the 2016 elections.

According to a PF insider, some people are being ferried from far flung places to register in other areas using fictitious names and these people when they obtain voters cards will vote twice. The areas that have been mostly targeted are opposition UPND strongholds.

“Some people are being ferried and accommodated at government costs just to come and register in the opposition strongholds using fake names but will also maintain their original names and status where they come from. What this happens is that after voting in one area, the chap can even go and vote in another area,” said the source who was connected to the late Sata’s PF but has now been neglected by Lungu’s PF.

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