Government Project to segregate Southerners starts today


A clique of tribalists working around president Edgar Lungu has instructed all public media houses to solicit for comments from traditional leaders to attack the people of Dundumwezi over the purported cutting down of a power line.

The clique which includes State House spokesperson Isaac Chipampe , minister Freedom Sikazwe, PS Christa Kalalu and others is deliberately misleading president Lungu for their own selfish political agenda. The clique is determined to paint Lungu as a tribalist who can’t win the 2021 elections because he has divided the country.

The Dundumwezi project, according to sources close to the operation, is to paint Southerners as selfish and power hunger people .

“The instruction has been given to all public media and especially ZANIS to make sure they get as many chiefs to condemn the people of dundumwezi and southern provinve in particular,” said the source.

The State House source has disclosed that ZANIS has since directed all District Information Officers around the Country to interview Chiefs on the perceived sabotage of Zesco Pylon in Dundumwezi.

The Exercise dubbed ” Segregate South” and overseen by Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe and State House Permanent Secretary Christa Kalulu starts today Tuesday July 30. 2019 and is financed by funds from the Office of the President Special Division.

” Yes I can confirm that an unfortunate excercise to alleniate the people of Southern province has began. It will see District Information Officers around the country interview Chiefs around the country and focus on the negative side. To potray that Tongas are subbotaging the PF government’s efforts to develop the country. It is being financed directly by the OP and is being overseen by Hon Freedom Sikazwe and PS Christa Kalulu” the source said.

President Edgar Lungu was embarrassed by intelligence when they mislead him that a pylon was cut down in Dundumwezi when the said incident happened in Macha area involving a known PF cadre. But this embarrassing episode to Lungu which bright wife spread condemnation on him was carefully designed by his spokesperson who planted a reporter to bring out the topic.

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