Government promoting homosexuality in prisons

The PF government has authorized the distribution of condoms in prison, a move that indirectly promotes homosexuality amongst inmates but health minister Dr. Joseph Kasonde has defended the action saying it is a move aimed at promoting ‘better health services in prisons’.

Dr. Kasonde, a close friend of first lady Dr. Christine Kaseba announced early this week that government will start distributing condoms to prisoners, following commissioner of prisons Percy Chato’s statement that his institution was widely consulting on the subject.

Dr. Kasonde’s statement clearly answers the ‘wide consultations’ that Chato talked about and the many fears that were expressed by citizens in the run up to the 2011 elections that the PF had an agenda to legalise homosexuality in Zambia, a Christian nation.

Chato however confirmed the high rate of HIV cases in prisons but has not stated whether condoms will be made available to inmates, however the Zambian Watchdog has information that government intends to secretly give a go ahead to the prisons service commission to issue condoms to inmates.


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