Government refuses to re-open Radio Lyambai

Government says it will not re-open Radio Lyambai in Mongu until investigations into its alleged involvement in broadcasting seditious materials regarding the Barosteland controversy are complete.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Ronnie Shikapwasha said the police are still investigating the issue and that it is premature for Government to consider re-opening the radio station.

Lieutenant General Shikapwasha said in an interview in Lusaka on February 3 that it is important for the media to contribute to nation building.

“The radio station will remain closed until all allegations levelled against it are investigated thoroughly,” he said.

Gen. Shikapwasha said no-one is above the law and that the issue of Radio Lyambai will be dealt with according to the laws of the land.

He said if the station is found wanting, it will face the wrath of the law.

“Anybody who wants to take the law in their own hands will be dealt with firmly so that a message is sent to all those who think Government will handle this matter lightly,” the minister said.

Gen Shikapwasha, who is also Chief Government spokesperson, said the government does not want anyone to violate other people’s rights and spread hatred, tribalism and violence.

“The media must ensure that it builds and unites the nation through positive critics and not spearheading acts of violence to destabilise the country,” he said.

Gen. Shikapwasha said when peace is disturbed, it is difficult to regain it. Some media bodies have been calling on Government to re-open Radio Lyambai, which was closed in the wake of violence in Mongu in mid-January.

Radio Lyambai was shut down after allegedly broadcasting seditious materials over the Barotseland Agreement.


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    sifeka ni siyambula 7 years

    Smurf, the whole world is shaking off dominion, Barotseland inclusive. Time is changing and is changing faster than you thought………so do not impose your laguage on others.

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    Smurf 7 years

    I’ve stayed in Mongu before and ba Radio Lyambai kale ba yambile. They never even used to play the Zambia National Anthem but just Mulena Buluka. Bemba and Nyanja songs were banned and that was in the mid 2000s!

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    Pipo of western province should wake up or they will never taste development becoz of other pipo’s stupidity.

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    You did not give chance to the people to be heard just open the radio you monkey!!!

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    Donqueen 7 years

    Why are African leaders so myopic and i know it all syndrome.What democracy does this Chap know apart from being a Bully like most military officers.Gen Miyanda is an exception to this rule as even Gen Masheke had this ego when he was in power.
    Open the Radio Station and let dialogue flow.Fear of your own shadow is the beginning of your downfall.
    I was the greatest critic of Sata but i think we need him to root out this Sixth National Disaster Plan.

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    milar bj 7 years

    bafikala thats way you are dull just open that radio station

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    chakulya 7 years

    Ubututu Ronnie tabwakapwe? You are the same chaps who talk about democracy, where is democracy? Thats why bakwebela ati mumbwamumbwa.

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    Ricky Bobby? 7 years

    Whereas I believe the station should re-open as soon as possible, I don’t subscribe to their propagation of hate messages aimed at fueling genocide against people of different tribes. The people responsible for those messages should face the full might of the law.

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    MATUKA MWANSA 7 years

    we hv missed your informative,educative,analytical,political and educative programs Radio Lyambai,plz open soon