Government releases $500,000 t to Germany Embassy to kill Zambian Watchdog Journalists

Government releases $500,000 t to Germany Embassy to kill Zambian Watchdog Journalists

The Zambian government has released about $500,000 to their embassy in Germany to hire assassins to eliminate people suspected of running the biggest news website in the country, Zambian Watchdog. Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 14.02.34

Intelligence suggests that the Zambian government has hired Albanian assassins to eliminate Zambian Watchdog editors. The project, which has been sanctioned by president Edgar Lungu, is coordinated by former Intelligence director Xavier Chungu and one of Lungu’s aides, a former diplomat in Europe.
Intelligence reports indicate that a Zambian diplomat in Berlin Germany is paying for information about Zambian journalists believed to be in Europe.
It is further indicated that the Zambian government through its executive branch of the secret service OPSD has asked the diplomat, in Germany to carry out the operation clandestinely and avoid bringing politicians into the diplomatically sensitive case.

The government has decided to kill as other methods such as blocking the website or petitioning Facebook and Google has failed since these international organisations see nothing wrong with publishing news that the Zambian government does not want.

Two weeks ago, the minister of Information in Zambia Chishimba Kambwili announced that the Zambian government would engage CIA and FBI to sort out the journalist running the Zambian Watchdog.

But the Zambian government has been advised that that would non-starters and they have no basis of extraditing any of the journalists from any civilised country on charges such as publishing false news or insulting government officials.

So the Zambian government has decided that the only solution is to murder.

Last week, the Watchdog revealed that the government was forcing businessmen to fund the on-going operation to close down the Zambian Watchdog. Flash buses proprietor Ismail Khankara, Yousuf Zumla and Younus Mitha were identified as the people that has been arm-twisted by the PF to financing an on-going operation to close down the Zambian Watchdog.

The Watchdog also revealed last week that the PF government has come up with a plot to eliminate opposition leaders and critical journalists and NGO leaders.
The Albanian killers have been given photos of journalists the Zambian government suspect operate the Zambian Watchdog.

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