Government runs broke, as road contractor abandons works

Government runs broke, as road  contractor abandons works

1655680_690351374348949_488398324_oGovernment has done a ‘donchi kubeba’ on Asphalt Roads Zambia (ARZ) by defaulting on the agreed part payment leading the company into annoying financial woes, the contractor has threatened to pull out and sue government.
The Zambian Watchdog investigation reveals that ARZ was awarded the controversial 34 kilometre contract on selected urban roads in Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi in which President Michael Sata’s son had a very big hand but after government paid some initial amount, Mulenga got his commission leaving the company with nothing to buy equipment.
The company struggled to get some further payments leading to the delay in executing the contract until recently when again a small amount was released but the company was affected by the depreciating Kwacha. The company has incurred debts with foreign companies where they got equipment, they have also incurred huge fuel bills with local companies.
Recently the company halted the works in a bid to compel government to pay some more money but now government has threatened to terminate the contract while the contractor says they will sue government. The contractor has also started packing some of the equipment in protest, leaving many roads blocked with logs.
“This contract is surrounded by a dark veil of corruption, high authorities were only interested in their commission and soon after they got their money, they have abandoned us, as it is we have not paid some of the wages, we owe foreign companies for the equipment we got, we consumed a lot of fuel on credit but this government just wants us to be working for nothing. If they get funnier we shall expose them and also sue them,” said a highly placed company source.1556329_690351554348931_635446484_o

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