Government says it’s taking Seer1’ threats seriously

Government says it’s taking Seer1’ threats seriously

By Darius Choonya

GOVERNMENT says it takes seriously Prophet Andrew Seer1’s death threats against Patriotic Front leaders in Government.

Prophet Seer1 has revealed that some Patriotic Front officials sought his help to win elections in 2016 and he wants those gifts back.

Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili says she cannot confirm whether some cabinet ministers and Patriotic Front officials received supernatural powers from Prophet Seer 1 to win elections.

She says this is because the acquisition of such powers is done in the dark.

Appearing on a Diamond TV talk show dubbed Diamond Live on Monday night, Prophet Seer 1 insisted that some cabinet ministers and other government officials obtained supernatural powers from him to win elections which they should return.

He said those that will not return the powers will die after 20 days.

Diamond TV

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