Government says Lozis are committing treason by declaring state within Zambia

GOVERNMENT has said Zambia is a unitary State and will not allow the existence of another country within the State.

Defence Minister, Geoffrey Mwamba, said this in reaction to the resolution made by the Barotse National Council (BNC) yesterday to declare Barotseland an independent State.

Mr Mwamba said declaring a State within Zambia was an offence under the the country’s laws.

And Home Affairs Minister Kennedy Sakeni says  government will not tolerate calls for the secession of  Barotseland from Zambia saying all those pushing for the move will face the wrath of the law.

Sakeni told ZNBC  that government will not entertain the secession of Western Province because the proposal is treasonable.

Sakeni assured the nation and international community that the unitary state of Zambia was still intact.

He said it was unfortunate that most people pushing for the secession are former MMD ministers who were in office barely six months ago.

Sakeni retaliated that anyone scheming to divide the nation on tribal  lines will attract the wrath of the law.

Sakeni also said that government was also open to dialogue with the BNA over any matters of their concern.

He said issues like underdevelopment which were raised during the BNC were a matter of government concern because they were not exclusive to Western Province.

Yesterday, all the seven districts in western province endorsed breakaway of the region from Zambia.

And Vice-President, Guy Scott said he had not yet been briefed on the?matter for him to make a concrete statement, while Information Minister, Fackson Shamenda said he was out of the country and could not comment.

The extraordinary ‘Pizo’ of the BNC closed in Mongu yesterday unanimously declaring that Barotseland was now free to pursue its own self-determination and destiny.

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