Government should explain huge cash in hands of PF thugs

Government should explain huge cash in hands of PF thugs

Government owes Zambians an explanation on the source of the huge money in the hands of PF criminals, says Nason Msoni. IMG_7098

This is clearly a heist of unimaginable proportion that has occurred and is certainly encouraged by those who ordinarily ought to be custodians of the public.

This kind of misconduct by leaders in government is unimaginable in so far as the history of governments in Zambia is concerned.

We demand for answers on behalf of Zambians on the source of this “dirty money” which is in the hands of the lumpenproletariat.

The legitimate question we are asking the PF leadership is where exactly is the source of this money which is being carelessly and shamelessly displayed by uncouth criminal elements of the party who can no longer hide their excitement?

In terms of governance of the country this is the lowest level we have plummeted as a Country.
This dirty money is suspect and we think that it is intended to influence the outcome of the elections.

It is legitimate to ask whether PF has ultimately robbed the bank looking at the colossal sums of money in the hands of criminals.

Undoubtedly this kind of criminality is a classic case of economic sabotage whose perpetrators must be brought to justice.

At today’s prices thousands upon thousands of our people are going without food due to the ever skyrocketing prices and yet criminals have unfiltered access to public resources.
Nason Msoni
All peoples Congress APC

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