Government single-sources Post newspaper to print draft constitution

Government single-sources Post newspaper to print draft constitution

Simon Kabanda refused to comment

The PF government has single-sourced the Post newspaper to print the draft constitution which is currently being distributed in government departments and other public places.

The Technical Committee Drafting the Constitution is funded by tax-payers  and all its major projects are supposed to go through the  Zambia Public Procurement Authority.

But the multi-million contract to print the draft constitution was just awarded without following tender procedure when there are experienced and big printing companies in the country that would have tendered.

Technical Committee Drafting the Constitution spokesperson Simon Kabanda refused to comment.

The Watchdog first phoned Kabanda last Sunday to explain why the printing of the draft constitution was not done through the public procurement authority. He told the Watchdog that he could not answer immediately as he was in church but requested that the questions be emailed to him. The questions were sent to him immediatelly using the email he read out.

He did not respond.

When he was phoned again on several times, he did not pick the phone.

There are two aspects to printing the draft constitution.

The first one is done through all the three daily newspapers Daily Mail, Times and the Post.

But the separate and  biggest work has been given to the Post and this involves printing the drats and delivering them to the government for distribution.

During the campaigns, the PF promised that they will equip government printers and that all government printing works including ballots for voting will be done by government printers.


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