Government starts another fake recruitment exercise

Ba watchdog post this for me:
But kwena this government has no vision tebufi. How can you advertise Zambia prison recruitment exercise before releasing names of successfull applicants in Defense & Education?
If you have failed to recruit teachers & soldiers where are you going to find money to recruit prison warders?
We are tired of these fake recruitment exercises waumfwa?
Please stop wasting our time & money. You know very well that there is so many of us as youths who are jobless so just to find money to photocopy our credentials is hell. To make matters worse we also have to certify our documents & Zambia police charges k10 per copy. how much is that if you have more than 5 documents to certify? Is that afordale for a Jobless youth?
Just last week a poor jobless Youth who went to Arakan barracks to ask when names will be released was severely beaten by soldiers. Tomorow it will be another youth beaten by Prison waders for asking when names will be released so please stop advertising recruitments when you know you have no money. Its obvious that the only money Government has at the moment is for Edigar Lungu & her daughter Tasila Lungu to be travelling around aimlessly & getting allowances.
Its not good to keep people waiting & thats why the question most of the youths are asking on facebook social groups is, ”when is defence releasing names?”
There is nowhere in the world where recruitment takes more than 4 months after applying so iyi yena don’t tell us that its global. Ubu bwena bushilu 100% & I regret voting for PF. I had so much trust in PF but you are proving to be worser than MMD. When PF won elections I was one of those who celebrated like no man’s business & I happened to benefit from the free sex which sex-workers were offering to celebrate PF’s victory. Its only now that I know I was celebrating for nothing because this isnt the change i expected.
If voting can take one day why should recruitment take 4 months?
When you need us to wake up @ 05 to go to the pollin centre & vote for you we do it in exactly one day. Edgar Lungu, Kambwili & everyone else sitting on our names don’t forget that it took us 1 day to vote for you so why should you take more than 4 months to recruit sodiers & teachers?
Icalo bonse tufwile teleumfwa bwino not politician alelya aletuminwa but youth takwete inchito. Youth e Zambia so gamwafilwa ukumupela incito akamba ifyamba nobwalwa pa-last asanguka nakapondo kanfuti.
While youths are complaining that government is taking long to recruit soldiers & teachers Kambwili alenwilapofye natu tea while saying, ”its global for Government to put up fake recruitment exercises. Even in south africa youths are jobless so lets not recruit untile next year when there are elections as a campaign strategy”

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