Government swindled Mopani employees

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Government Swindles Mopani Copper mines Workers.

A Scam has been unearthed in which Government wants to use 80 million Dollars Employees benefits to buy controlling shares in Mopani. Grencore has indicated to the Government the figures to be paid to the Employees. It should be noted that legally when there is a change in business the affected Employees are to be paid their benefits before a Cross over is done.

Sources indicated that President Edgar Lungu’s meeting with union leaders was to inform them and connive with them to deprive miners of their hard earned money.

The president says there are issues were government can immediately take action to improve the plight of the miners while others may take time as they require consultation with various stakeholders before implementation.

During the meeting the President encouraged the Union leaders to tell their members the truth on matters affecting the country such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

He noted that Government and the Mine Workers Unions are allies and that differing on certain issues does not mean they are enemies.

Mr. Chewe said this is a significant amount considering the prevailing economic hardship.

Sad ending for MOPANI COPPER MINES Employees.

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