Government teachers drawing double allowances scam exposed

There is a scandal in which some named government teachers are drawing double allowances which are being shared among themselves, school heads and some ministry of education workers.

At Munali boys and girls secondary schools in point, some teachers have left the ministry of education either through retirement or joined other ministries where they are drawing housing allowances while they are still occupying institutional houses in the schools. The move has disadvantaged many teachers from being accommodated.

Chilanga District Administrative Officer (DAO) Frazer Musonda who is a renowned PF cadre and former teacher at Munali girls is currently being paid housing allowance in Chilanga while his family has continued to occupy the house.

Some teachers after being paid the huge chunk of their retirement benefits have opted not to collect the repatriation cheques so that they continue occupying the few government houses. Sources from both schools have disclosed that the scam has been reported to the education ministry but no action has been taken for a long time now.

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