Government threatens community radio station in Mansa

Mansa District Commissioner Chibwe Nsakasha has ordered Radio Yangeni in Mansa in Luapula Province to stop attacking Government through its news coverage.

Major Nsakasha alleged that in most cases, the news that was broadcast on Radio Yangeni was bent on destroying the Government system.

He argued that Radio Yangeni’s news reports concentrated much on negatives and less on the positive side of matters involving the Government of the day.

ZANIS reports that Major Nsakasha added that the media was there to inform the people on various developmental activities that were taking place in society and not to mislead the general public.

He further advised management at Radio Yangeni to be careful on the type of news reported on.

He advised the radio’s management to be mindful of the information which the reporters gathered and how reliable their sources were to avoid trouble.

Maj. Nsakashya was reacting to a news article which the Radio station aired on 30th November 2010 alleging that toilets at the District Commissioner’s office were in a bad state and not fit for use by human beings.

The District Commissioner wondered why such allegations were broadcast without getting a comment from him.

But when contacted for comment, Radio Yangeni Programme Manager Mumbi Mumbi argued that news articles did not contain any malicious statements that would injure the reputation of the District Commissioner’s office.

Meanwhile, Major Nsakasha has appealed Government through the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services to ensure that the contents of news of each radio station, is in accordance with their licenses and regulations.

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