Government to investigate property seized by disbanded Task Force on Corruption

GOVERNMENT says it will track all assets that were collected by the defunct Task Force on Corruption and ensure that all the earnings from the sale of goods that were auctioned are accounted for.
Minister of Home affairs Kennedy Sakeni said in an interview with the government controlled Daily Mail that  Government also wants to verify that assets that are claimed to have been given back to their owners were indeed returned.
“We want to make sure that no one benefitted from assets that were confiscated by the Task Force. All goods that were grabbed must be accounted for.
“Government wants to find out whether some of the goods that were confiscated have been given back to the rightful owners in the case of those that were cleared of all allegations of taking part in the plunder of national resources,” Mr Sakeni said.
And Mr Sakeni has said Government has no intentions of re-establishing the Task Force on Corruption, which was disbanded by former President Rupiah Banda’s administration.
He said the fact that security wings are using the building that used to house the Task Force for investigating some alleged cases of corruption does not mean the disbanded institution is coming back.
He said the Anti-Corruption Commission, Drug Enforcement Commission and Zambia Police Service are capable of handling cases of a criminal nature.

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