Government says will revive Mansa batteries

Government says will revive Mansa batteries

Government has disclosed that plans are underway to resuscitate operations at Mansa battery factory which become defunct shortly after privatization.

Commerce Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Keith Mukata told Parliament Tuesday, that government through Zambia Development Agency
(ZDA) has also re embarked on a feasibility study to investigate the problem.

Mr Mukata disclosed that the study will provide guidelines on how best government can bring about value addition to make the factory
economically viable.

He explained that the reason why the industry was declared defunct is because the machinery is obsolete and cannot do any production in this
modern World of advanced technology.

He said this meant that the factory was not economically viable to continue with production therefore it became defunct.

The Deputy Minister was responding to a question raised by Patriotic Front Chilubi Member of Parliament Obbie Chisala who wanted to know
whether government has any plans to resuscitate the Mansa Battery Factory which became defunct shortly after being privatized and, if
so, what the plans are.

Mr Mukata stated that government will firstly advocate for adequate power supply, adding that currently Luapula province faces a lot of
problems  due to inadequate electricity that have affected many industries.

He said this is why government will ensure that it makes power accessible for all industries operating in the province.

He added that industries like Mansa batteries requires about 10 mega watts of power supply in industries in the area to be economically

Mr Mukata further pledged that government is doing everything possible to address the bottle necks hence reviving operations at the factory
for the benefit of the local people through job creation.

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