Government to spend K15 m on stupid Master KG music show

Government to spend K15 m on stupid Master KG music show


By: Anthony Bwalya

Fellow Zambians, we are under the leadership of a bunch of bafoons.

This, President Hakainde Hichilema would never allow.

If President Lungu is still in charge and continues to enjoy the benefit of sound and good judgement, let him tell Bowman Lusambo to stand down from this show.

When the PF came into Lukashya and Mwansabombwe, they spent over K30m trying to win a by-election.

And again here you see, the PF and Lusambo have gone into Kabushi Constituency, a Constituency in which they failed to buy BP machines, scales and stethoscopes, with zero critical medicines; and they want to spend K15m or $750,000 putting up a show of utter stupidity in the middle of social and economic destitution.

The people of Kabushi do not want to dance. Let Lusambo and the PF plough that money they want to spend on a total show of force on productive things in the Constituency – sponsor some youths to get skills, put medicines in clinics, buy some taxis for the youth to be self sufficient and put some laboratory equipment in our local schools, as well as take care of our local roads.

The empty beds and filthy floors you see are part of the mother’s shelter at Kasama General Hospital, where mother’s are kept without food or any form of assistance.

Zambians please, may God open your eyes and sharpen our collective conscience.


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    Edgar Koswe Mupoto Chakolwa Lungu 4 days ago

    PF is defacating in your mouths and all you say is’HH 2021′. Yaba! Zambians have proved to be a special kind of stupid breed. It’s better to be a cow than a Zambian.

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    God We Need U 1 week ago

    We are being taken for granted.  We are being pushed against the wall and all I can say is enough is enough, there’s a limit to someone taking crap.  Zambians let’s wake up please.  I’m beginning to hate my own country because of this leadership.

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    Aristotle 1 week ago

    it beats logic, how does one call for a mass rally to sensitize you on a disease that requires you to social distance? i thought mass gatherings are an epicenter for covid, and surely how can artist accept to be part of such a scheme.