Government to start licensing journalists

Government to start licensing journalists

Journalists duped into ‘self regulation’

Just like we earlier predicted on Thursday, PF journalists yesterday outnumbered the sane ones in voting for what they are calling ‘statutory self regulation’ mode but what is being pushed is to begin licensing journalists and other media houses.

The Zambia Media Council – ZAMEC which has been rejected in the past has been resuscitated at the Chinese owned Golden Peacock Hotel in Lusaka.

Dora Siliya and her friends are now celebrating and what this means is that when she presents this bill which shall be redesigned is that all journalists will now have to get licenses and those that are perceived to be critic will not be given licenses and punished for practicing illegally.

In reward, MISA Zambia Chairperson Hellen Mwale and her vice, Hyde Haguta and some few accomplices in the ZAMEC board will line up their pockets. The Constitition and literally all operations details about ZAMEC have already been written by Ambassador to German Anthony Mukwita, Outgoing South African High Commissioner Emmanuel Mwamba and State house press aide Amos Chanda. In subsequent course we will publish the contents in pieces.

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    Miles Mulenga 2 weeks ago

    PF may think they got it all covered by licensing journalists, it just shows they live in the past. Nobody needs a license for a Facebook or Twitter account, and you can create a new one faster than any stupid PF body can even find out its existence. PF still thinks they own the media by running the Daily Mail, but who cares about that lying piece of shit when it has a circulation of less than ten thousand? Any Facebook group runs at more than ten times that in a matter of weeks! Keep on dreaming PF, you will find out by the next elections that you are totally outdated when you have lost miserably!