Government unleashes thugs to control prices in markets

Government unleashes thugs to control prices in markets

PF introduce price control measures

The Patriotic Front in Kabwata constituency is going round forcing traders to reduce the price of mealie meal.
The uncouth and drunk youths are threatening traders with untold action if they do not reduce prices of mealie meal.

See video of PF thugs in action below:

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    b man 1 week ago

    pf just step down coz things as shown up that you are failiars,coz milley meal are being tranported in everyday to congo.of which you have failed to control and buzy comvincing people, for what?

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    Kasonde waka 2 weeks ago

    Every FOG has it’s time.

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    Nyambe the Hero 2 weeks ago

    These people are dumb. 

    Retailers will just hoard the commodity and sell on the black market at even higher prices. 

    This is exactly what happened with UNIP when they introduced coupons that were being re-sold. Maybe Kampyongo and Lusambo were toddlers back then.