Government urged to review sewing of National Flag

Government has been called upon to make a comprehensive review of sewing the National Flag with a view to allowing a single factory to be making the flags.
Speaking in Mpika today, concerned citizens accused Government of diluting the symbol of nationhood by liberalizing flag sewing.
The citizens noted that the national flag and its colours were chosen by the citizens to show values of the nation.
Aggrey Kaonga and Green Chawinga called for the banning of flag sewing by individuals who are using wrong colors.
Another resident, Clement Mumbo said it is disappointing to note that those sewing flags are using wrong colours. “How do you use yellow instead of orange?”They asked.
On the National Anthem, the citizens said Zambians are not proud of their anthem, adding that they did not understand why it is not sung in full at gatherings and other places.
The citizens further claimed that failure to sing the anthem in full has resulted in most people failing to sing it properly.

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