Government wants to assassinate me – Chanda Chimba

Dear Editor,
Many strange things have happened to me over the last few days but the events of today Friday 18th January, 2013 can not go without being brought to the fore. I trust that through your publication the general public may know that the Government Joint Investigating team may have some nasty thing up their sleeves on me.
I went to the Lusaka magistrate court this afternoon to follow the proceedings of The People Vs Sam Phiri, Ngande Mwanajiti and Davies Mataka which is before Hon. Aridah Chulu. I was picked up by my young brother after the matter was adjourned to 30th January, 2013 and we straight away drove to my mother’s residence, which is basically our family home, just near the New Magistrates’ Complex. I immediately noticed a white Land Cruiser pick-up trailing us.
As we approached the gate I informed my young brother that we were being followed so I asked him to stop. The white Land Cruiser with no front registration plate kept approaching so I got out of our car to wait for it to get closer. When the Land Cruiser got closer I immediately recognized the two occupants as Mr. Foloko a Zambia Police officer and a Ms. Soko from the Anti-Corruption Commission. They came in a Gestapo style typical of assasins. I asked them why they were following me. Mr. Foloko was just smiled but Ms. Soko uttered some words as they quickly drove off.
I find this very unacceptable and I consider this as part of the well planned persecution in view of the allegations that have been leveled against me over Stand Up for Zambia for which I am now appearing before magistrate Mwaka Mikalile.  This is harassment of the worst kind. I actually fill that my life including those of my family are in danger. I have no doubt they are hell bent on taking me out, they are up to killing me. That is how I think they have been instructed to silence me.
My wife, children and I have actually been subjected to several break-in attempts since the elections of 2011. The most recent was in the early hours of Tuesday 15th January, 2013 at about 01:07 hours. All we do each time the alarm goes triggers is wait for someone to break the doors or windows. That is how serious I think the situation is.

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