Governments should listen to citizens – USA envoy

Governments should listen to citizens – USA envoy

Freedom of speech essential in a democratic country – Young

American Embassy Charge de Affaires David Young says freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of association and freedom of speech are essential in a democratic country.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 22.45.34Speaking monday when he made a presentation to students at the University of Zambia to celebrate the 50 years Anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King Junior’s legacy, Mr. Young say America and Zambia should learn from late Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy who used non violence social change to bring about social great changes to America and around the world.

Mr. Young said that it is important for governments to listen to people who courageously speak out on human rights and equal rights for all people, stating that it makes society well to listen to such people as some of the things they bring out may be useful.

He added that as Zambia later this year celebrates 50 years of independence, there is need to recognize the fact that it makes a society stronger to listen to those exercising their democratic right to campaign for equal rights for all people.

Mr. Young said Martin Luther King played a very big role in the transformation of not only America but the world in fighting oppression and respecting civil rights which then should be appreciated and remembered by the whole world.

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