Govt accused of starving Southerners deliberately

Govt accused of starving Southerners deliberately


Are you aware that the Satanic PF government has banned people of Southern province from buying maize from other parts of the country?

This is in addition to blocking them from selling their livestock to other parts of the country.

On maize, just ask any one who tried to take maize to Southern province how their maize has been confiscated by police and soldiers.

If anyone tries to move cows or any other livestock from southern province to sell, their cows are slaughtered.

The reason by PF is simple: since there was drought that side, people there must be punished by starving them to death because they don’t vote for PF. When people are at the pointing death, PF through the disaster management unit will go with relief food to exchange for PF membership.

We find this to be satanic and evil that will swallow President Edgar Lungu and his PF leaders. You can not declare a silent civil war with people who have not offended you. Your hatred for Southerners will one day soon backfire. Why should people who have money to buy food be stopped in a free market economy? Why impose a prolonged ban on livestock movement using the pretext of animal disease but you are doing nothing to combat the disease.

God is watching you and very soon his people will be liberated. As for trying to force us to vote for you using starvation, ulimbe.


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