Govt agency finally admits there is no fuel in Chipata

A critical shortage of petrol has hit chipata district in Eastern Province A check by ZAINS in all the four filling stations this morning, found
that only Caltex filling Station  had petrol while the other three stations had run out of the commodity.
Motorists this morning were found at the caltex filling Station queuing up as early as 05 hours after word went round that the service
station had received petrol. Some traffic officers were found at the filling station controlling the situation as motorist had formed up long queues along the Umodzi Highway.
Speaking to ZANIS in an interview Caltex Filling Station Director Mohamed Ishmail said the station has only received 25, 000 liters of
petrol which was offloaded this morning.
Mr. Ismail said that the petrol that had been received was not enough nto be provide to all motorist adding that he was not sure when the
Station would receive the next consignment.
And Engen Filling Station Supervisor, Dudia Shakil, was not sure when the filling station was expected to re-stock.
And some taxi drivers talked to said that the situation has affected their businesses as they have spent hours queuing up for fuel at the
expense of conducting business. Julius Daka stated that the critical shortage of Petrol had forced most taxi drivers to hike fares to enable them cover up the losses.
He stated that the traffic officers controlling the situation were only allowing each motorist to purchase petrol of less than K
He said that government should engage more local and foreign investment in the fuel supply chain if situation was to normalize.
The Petrol crisis that started last week, has made motorists go to various locations in search of the commodity, while others have opted
to buy from the neighboring Malawi.

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