Govt appoints committee to negotiate media regulation

Government has instructed the new Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Information and Broadcasting to open negotiations with journalists over media regulation.
Government has been trying to create an act of parliament to regulate the media in Zambia but this has met stiff resistance.
The media is represented by a body called Media Media Liaison Committee (MLC) and comprises all media associations including the treacherous MISA.
Secretary to Cabinet Joshua Kanganja has written to the new PS Sam Phiri instructing him that the moment he take sup office, he must begin the negotiation process.
The Watchdog understands that government has written to the four media heads of government media to be part of the team led by the Permanent Secretary.
The four media houses are ZNBC, ZANIS, Times of Zambia and Daily mail.
The new permanent Secretary Sam Phiri has not yet been sworn in and therefore not taken up office because he is still in South Africa.
Sam Phiri was till his appointment working for Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) under the media programme.
He has been instrumental in funding the activities of the media Liaison Committee and is therefore very familiar with the issues.
He has not yet received the letter instructing him to open talks but the media heads have.

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