Govt awards Chinese firm K32m to construct 4 km road

Govt awards Chinese firm K32m to construct 4 km road


I am happy to announce that my Government has awarded a Contract to ChinaCamcee worth Thirty two Million Kwacha for the Construction of 4 Kilometer access road to the Samora Machel Airport in Mbala.

Chinacamcee who have been awarded the Contract have already moved on Site and will tommorow start clearing a Campsite and mobilising Equipment for Commencement of Works on Monday.

I am grateful to the Government of His Excellency the President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu for having approved our proposal to do a variation on the exisisting Chinacamcee Contract on Mbala roads to Include the 4 Kilometer road.

I am convinced that the completion of the access road and last weekends launch of Commercial flights by Mahogany Air into Kasama and Mbala will certainly ease the travel challenges of our potential guests at the Centenary Commemoration of the end of the First World War and Northern Expo.

The Contractor has assured my Office that they will complete much of the works by 25th November 2018.

On another pleasant note Sunshare Investments have commenced Aluminium partitioning works for the Terminal building at Samora Machel Airport and will be done with the works in 10 days.

I am happy that though this is going to be a temporal Terminal before Construction of a new Terminal Building, it is going to be modern and of good quality considering the reputation of the Company that has been selected to undertake the remodeling.

We have also purchased two standby Generators and will be installing Security Scanners at the Airport which is expected to boost Tourist and Investor arrivals.

A 5 Kilometer perimeter fence is Currently under Construction and will be completed by first week of November.

Government released over Fifteen Million Kwacha for the remodeling of the Samora Machel Airport into a Commercial Airport.

Meanwhile my Office is to spend over Five Hundred Thousand Kwacha on the rehabilitation of the Kasama International Airport Terminal Building and other auxiliary facilities at the Airport which also served as a First World War Airforce Base.

Issued by

Elias Kamanga
PS Northern

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    So this PS has now recovered from the bashing he received from a coward PS at PSMD over the suspension of he’s deputy who apparently sought protection from state house clowns.

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    Chilubanyama 2 days ago

    The cost comes to about US$800,000 per kilometer. By world engineering standards there is no problem with this award of contract. While Government needs to be congratulated on this contract, we can only hope the contractor will meet engineer’s and public expectations. Well done PF.

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    32m to b spend on 4km,is that making sense and i see,no reason for ,a wel meaningful zambian to cerebrate.some tim i wonder as to whether we hav any ministry in our country where there no thieves.Lets revoke the article declaring zambia as christian nation whether u like it or not i wil remove the said article when i take over the running of this country,cause what is happening in this country is no matching the status

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    Yes indeed you are very proud as no normal person can be happy to spend 32m on 4km. I suppose the fact that you are a beneficiary and insane. When are you all stupid pf MPs,ministerS and other party criminals going to realize that you have done enough damage to the country where you all belong to, people whatever Zambia ‘ll become you ‘ll not be spared. Not even able to spend this monies that you are stealing as the shop ‘ll not be stocked. Congratulations to lungu a man from chawama with a pit latrin, not ceiling in the house, no car, a pair of torn suite and drinking kachasu to 100 flush toilets, 100 poach house 100 expensive vehicles and drinking jemason everyday, what more do you want please sober up ECL.