Sata still in state House, medical team beefed – up

Sata still in state House, medical team beefed – up


President Michael Sata was by Tuesday May 27, 2014 still at State House but in vegetative condition. Sata is receiving treatment at the mini-hospital that was specifically created for him.

But his medical team has been beefed up. This is despite public lies by his spokesperson George Challah and Government spokesperson Joseph Katema that Sata is in youthful condition and working normally.

Highly placed sources say, in addition to his Indian physician from CFB, Sata’s wife Dr.Christine Kaseba has also called in 5 more local specialists to try and improve his condition in readiness for evacuation abroad.

Two days ago the Watchdog reported that the government was trying to evacuate Sata to South Africa but there were fears that he could not survive in a plane. The Watchdog never reported that Sata was evacuated.

And senior government and PF officials have now expressed resentment with Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and his cartel of Fred Mmembe who have increased their nationwide campaign activities.

“So far they have brought in specialists in heart, kidney, and liver complications from various public and private hospitals in the country to attend to the president.

The idea is to at least fight to have him in some good shape for evacuation abroad because his current condition cannot allow him to travel in the pressurised aircraft cabin,” highly placed sources from have disclosed.

Sources said president Sata has lately been having difficulties eating and only survives on very light soup and some injectable food substances at some intervals which they feed him.

“There is total panic because the Head of State is now failing to have proper and regular meals apart from very light soups which he also struggles to eat. That’s why they have also resorted to injectable meals in his body.

It is clear most of the key internal body parts are not functioning well to distribute food nutrients, hence the pail condition,” sources said.

While Mr. Sata is indeed still at State House in Zambia awaiting evacuation, his public relations team of George Chellah and Joseph Katema insist he is in good healthy and working normally, even when everyone saw the president was not looking fine.

Meanwhile, senior PF and government officials are now almost openly displeased with the cartel of Wynter Kabimba and Fred Mmembe who have increased their campaign activities across the country in preparation for a presidential by-election.

“You know, the first time the boss (Mr. Sata) seriously exposed himself was over the K14 billion court appearance involving Mmembe and Mutembo Nchito. But these are the same people who seem to be celebrating by unleashing Mr. Kabimba to go flat out campaigning across the country. So far they are held responsible for whatever may happen to the boss because of Mr. Sata’s exposure over their court issues,” sources have disclosed.

Last week, frail Mr. Sata forced himself to court over a case in which he sued Daily Nation for defamation over the story they carried that he (Mr. Sata) was protecting the cartel of Fred Mmembe and Mutembo Nchito over the K14 billion they borrowed from DBZ.

Apparently, the same cartel have ordered the police not to allow opposition leaders to also go out for campaigns in readiness for 2016.

Latest photo of president Sata

Latest photo of president Sata


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