Govt blames HH for truck drivers strike

Transport Minister Mutotwe Kafwaya says the strike by truck drivers on the Copperbelt is sponsored by Hakainde Hichilema and meant to sabotage the economy-newz247.



By: Anthony Bwalya.

Let us set a few facts straight:

1. Our Zambian truck drivers have been denied a standardized minimum mileage wage for each hour they spend driving long distances on very dangerous trans – regional and national routes.

2. Our Zambian truck drivers are paid off the record with NO pensions allocations. A Zambian truck driver will die without a pension entitlement.

3. Our Zambian truck drivers have been denied UNION recognition by foreign trucking company owners, who are conniving with Patriotic Front (PF) Ministers to silence our people.

For a long time now, truck drivers have continued to endure harsh, inhumane working conditions at the hands of Patriotic Front (PF) government ministers who are actively working with foreigners to oppress our citizens.

A highly placed network of truck drivers coordinating the Copperbelt and Lusaka, have indicated, that the PF regime have allowed foreigners to come into Zambia and register trucking companies, even when ALL the trucks are owned by PF government officials.

These corrupt PF officials are the ones who solicit contracts, both government and private sector contracts, for the movement of fuel across the country; while the contracts are merely issued in the names of the foreigners in whose names these companies are registered.

So, when these oil marketing companies get paid, the registered company owners who are foreigners pay the PF officials who own the trucks, while the truck drivers have to settle for off the record peanuts at the hands of foreigners.

Our Zambian truck drivers have no dignity in their work and they deserve justice.

Joyce Nonde, the Minister for Labour is powerless to do anything about the abuse of our truck drivers because the abuse is being perpetrated by her fellow ministers in the PF regime.

If our truck drivers strike, these PF thugs are NOT concerned about the shutdown of the economy. They are more concerned about the

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