Govt blocks lecturers, visitors who have no ID cards from UNZA


There was drama at the University of Zambia (UNZA)  following impromptu orders this morning by Higher Education Minister (DR?) Micheal Kaingu to block all Lecturers ,business operators in campus, special visitors, UNZA Management and admnstrative workers who don’t have identity cards as prescribed in his 10 points conditions UNZA and CBU needed to satisfy before he Kaingu and Lungu can open the two (2) Universities .

According to Kaingu and PF Govt a short notice introduction of this security policy means being alert perceived external forces that PF ,Lungu and Kaingu accuse of interfering and influencing Students protests.

Meanwhile, This move has been received with sharp reactions mainly from International visitors ,Lecturers and Business operators who have termed it ” harassment ” by security personnel and PF as there was no notice as to when this policy was to be effected.

“This is rubbish ,why should this Govt be harassing us in this manner ? These people have just failed to run Universities . They failed to pay Meal Allowances to deserving students , where is the relationship between there failure to release Meal Allowances and these CARDS ? What have we done to deserve this dehumanising treatment ? Firstly , today its fourth (4th) April we as UNZA workers and lecturers have not been paid our March salaries , instead of explaining what is happening to our salaries ,this stupid Minister comes to block all of us from entering Campus . Why didn’t they give a grace period ? UNZA Management currently has no resources to print those CARDS , Govt has not funded any money no wonder even salaries are no where in our accounts ,but this Doctor with questionable grade 12 certificate comes to effect this stupid policy . Why didn’t he print CARDS first and bring them to various UNZA schools and Administrations then give ultimatum for all to be in possession of his demonic CARDS? We can’t be mistreated like this at our place of work. This is stupid and rubbish to say the least ” said one visibly annoyed UNZA Don

Another visibly disturbed Lecturer warned Kaingu not to bite what he can not chew as PF.
“This is an election year, antagonising people in the name of senior Govt Official will work against the ruling Party PF. For example , i have been a sympathiser of Patriotic Front (PF) but the conduct of Minister Kaingu of late has really put my vote for PF up for grab. This is sad for President Lungu. He Kaingu may not have much to loose antagonising UNZA voters as his votes in Mwandi has nothing to do with his conduct here but it has a large bearing on the President who needs a country vote to gunner 50%+1 to retain power . Minister Kaingu is doing everything that is wrong to be done in an election year. This is a Minister who finds it normal to pay UNZA and Management on the 10th of the other month like it was the case on the February salaries that were only credited to workers accounts on 10th March and it appears March salaries may be credited on 10th April or even later but the Minister incharge is quiet only comes to give orders of blocking all of us from accessing our offices ” another source

However , people are wondering how this will work considering UNZA is not only frequented by Lecturers , Students and it’s workers buy also is a business centre for various business operations , neither does UNZA only carter for regular or full time students , but also its used as a research , consultancy and delegated administration of some departments that see volumes of visitors for various reasons . Some students too are not on campus due to inadequate accommodation spaces , while other drive from homes , what will be happening at these gates as clearing will be taking place every morning on going in out . This is an example of someone with a jammed mind and brain .
Those with contacts at UNZA have been challenged to find out what just happened this morning at entrances to campus .

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