Govt blocks Zambezi Portlands Bank accounts, deports directors despite injunction

The Government has blocked bank accounts for Zambezi Portlands and deported two of its directors despite a court injunction.

President Michael Sata yesterday (Monday) said that Italians at a company which he did not name but based in Ndola were planning to withhold salaries for its workers this month-end and that they have not been paying Zambian workers well.

Sata was talking about Zambezi Portlands. Information given to the Watchdog indicates that Sata was mocking Zambezi Portlands because he knew very well that the company’s bank accounts were blocked by his government.

By blocking the bank accounts, the company cannot pay its workers and the plan is to make workers rise against the proprietors.

Meanwhile, two of Zambezi Portlands’ directors have so far been deported despite them been Zambians by birth and having a court injunction against their deportation.

Daniele Ventriglia, the operations Manager, and his two brothers Valerio and Claudio were all born in Luansyha but they are been deported to Italy.

The deportation orders signed by a K. Kapata show very clearly that the victims were born in Zambia and having living in Zambia.

Their father Antonio Ventriglia, who is also been deported, came to Zambia in 1957 before independence.

The residence and work permits for all the four have been revoked.

On 21 November, the four obtained an Injunction from the Ndola High Court restraining the Zambian immigration from deporting the family members pending the court’s ruling on whether the Zambian government is in order to deport them.

But the immigration ignored the injunction and deported Daniel and Valerio on 21 and 22 November 2012.

The reasons for their being deported is that ‘you are likely to be a danger to peace and good order in Zambia.’

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