Govt cancels senior citizens press conference

Govt cancels senior citizens press conference

PF direct police to cancel senior citizens press conference

Homs Affairs Minister Steven Kapyongo has directed the police to cancel a planned press conference named as ‘the Zambia we want’ which was supposed to have been addressed by Simon Zukas and Gilbert Temba.

Meanwhile PF has paid discredited former civil society activists, now PF cadres Andrew Ntewewe and Hyde Haguta to organise a solidarity rally in support of PF.
In a recording being circulated on social media platform, Ntewewe who is being investigated for stealing donor money is inviting members of the public to support what they are calling the Zambia we have.

According to sources at force Headquarters, State House through Kampyongo has also directed Mulungushi Conference Centre to cancel the booking for hosting the press conference.

Below is a statement by the organisers. ..

Dear Colleagues and Country Men and Women!

For/On behalf of the Senior And Concerned Citizens, I wish to inform you and through you the nation, that the proposed media briefing which was supposed to take place tomorrow, 25/07/2019 at Mulungulushi Conference Centre *has been postponed to a later date to be communicated*

This is because the Mulungushi International Conference Centre Management, after receipt of the payment, demanded for a *Police permit* to allow the organisers to convene and hold their briefing at the premise.

Having been communicated at last meeting of this new demand, the Senior and Concerned Citizens have decided to put off the briefing.

This demand for a police permit to hold an indoor media briefing has never been unheard of in democttai Zambia Democratic until now.

It is unfortunate now that an indoor media briefing requires police permit and owners of premises can use such as an excuse to deny citizens the right and freedom to expression, association and Assembly.

Aluta Continua!!! *Freedom is coming tomorrow!!*

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