Govt compensates K11 Billion in torture and wrongful detentions

The government of Zambia has in the past few years paid more than K11 billion to citizens it has either tortured or wrongfully detained.

Payment records seen by the Watchdog show that President Rupiah Bwezani Banda received the biggest chunk of the compensation amounting to more than K3 billion.

The compensations were paid starting from the tenure of late president Levy Mwanawasa but people compensated include those whose rights were violated as far back as 1965 to people detained during the reign of Fredrick Chiluba

One list shows that 211 citizens were compensated a total of K11, 774, 071, 575.36 under the preservation of public security regulations.

Among these is president Rupiah Banda who received eight (8) cheques on different dates but whose total amount is Three Billion, three hundred million and seven hundred and twelve thousand Zambian Kwacha. President Rupiah Banda was arrested during the ‘Zero option’ episode when Chiluba was president.

Other people compensated include Former president Kenneth Kaunda who got One Hundred and twenty million Kwacha.

Chief Inyambo Yeta got One billion, Four hundred and seventy-six million through three cheques.

Late politician Dean Mungomba was compensated one hundred and fifty-five million Zambian Kwacha.

Late coup suspect Captain Jack Chiti got twenty million Kwacha while general Christon Tembo was given one hundred and twenty-six million Kwacha.

Freedom fighter Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe was compensated one hundred and five million Kwacha while Tetani Mwanza was pain ten million Kwacha.

Late senior chief Nkula was compensated forty million while Alexander G Zulu was given forty million too.

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